Are you going to sea this summer?

I’m thinking of Sea…I love being on the beach, but this summer I think maybe we can not going:( because of covid-19.

here is some of my picture

Last year i was in Thassos in Greece with my husband, brother and brother-in-law ….The husband and I were already on tasos, this was our second trip to tasos.We do not going this summer I think we be in our country this year.I cannot describe this beauty in words, you have to go and see for yourself.

I’ll try to describe it to you.Thassos or a floating forest. This island is surrounded by beautiful warm sea, turquoise bays, beautiful sandy beaches … on the other side forest, natural shade and most importantly, peace …But if you love adventure you can rent a car, motorcycle or quad and go tour the island, find the untouched natural beauty of tasos.For me, a real break from everything.

And finally, if you love nightlife you can go to Limenas or Potos …And lest I do not forget, try Giros (delicious food 🌮 which you can find online if you don’t know what it is) at Limenas Panos Place. Hope this will be one of your next holiday destinations.Hope this will be one of your next holiday destinations.

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